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Studio Highlight - Yellow Flash

Studio Highlight - Yellow Flash
beacon open studios, July 18-21 
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Yellow Flash (48” x 64”) and Green Bridge (50”x 64”) are a part of a group of paintings titled Floating Connections that came about after I moved to Beacon, NY from Brooklyn, NY.  Often, I was on the train traveling through the Hudson River landscape, mesmerized by the visual effect of motion in relationship to spaciousness, clouds, light and shadows; taking in the colors and forms of the river and mountain landscape.  This became a ritual of collage-making while on the train, which connected my consciousness to the Hudson River environment.  This perception of being connected within nature, drawn from a moving or floating vantage point, is what animates the color and space in this group of collages and paintings.

Currently, Yellow Flash, 2008-2009, oil on canvas, is available to view. Inquiries are welcome. Price- 3000.

Push~Pull Show, icebox4, 20 Artists, June 6 to June 26, 53 s 11th St #4A, Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY

Push~Pull Show, icebox4, 20 Artists, June 6 to June 26, 53 s 11th St #4A, Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY Pull~Push Show opens Thursday, June 6th, 6-8pm. Inspired by Hans Hofmann and others, who taught that color and spatial illusionism should be employed for expressive purposes. 
Matt Blackwell, Sue Carlson, Denise Corley, Matthew del Carmen, Gordon Fearey, Tom Fitzgibbon, Tadashi Hashimoto, Kylie Heidenheimer, Dennis Kardon, Bernard Klevickas, Jeffrey Kurland, Jonas Kyle, Laura McCallum, Bill Page, Dorthy Robinson, Mark Rosenthal, Jackie Shatz, Laurel Shute, Louise P. Sloane, Becky Yazdan
Curated by #icebox4 @icebox4go
53 S 11th St, Apt 4A, Brooklyn.
Open Saturdays 3-6pm (6/8/24), other Saturdays 2-5pm or by appointment (icebox4go at gmail)
Transportation option: Take the east river ferry to south williamsburg, walk two blocksh williamsburg, brooklyn. we're about two blocks away.
Above photograph is of my work in the exhibition:
Sea Strata, 2019, paper, gouache, metallic silver, 9x12 (frame 14x18) Price 600.